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  • Transportation for at-risk youth to our employment program
  • Skill-building and literacy improvement activities
  • Group therapy for youth not covered by insurance
  • Book drive donations to book deserts right here in your community
  • Diverse books in the hands of children who have no books at home
  • Educational and behavioral health programs for youth who have already come in to contact with the juvenile justice system
  • Programs tailored towards community violence reduction
  • Resume building and interview skill assistance
  • Community outreach

Everyone can have an impact. Join the Louisville Book Festival by pledging your time, skills, voice, and/or dollars to support our mission of literacy.

It Pays to Read is a program that literally pays children to read while offering them valuable classes in the importance of literacy, behavioral health, self-care, communication & conflict resolution, financial stability, and goal planning.

Every day we go to children’s homes, here in Louisville, who have no books. Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to send children books, so they still have access to reading materials at home. For those who do have books, rarely do they have books with powerful messages and characters who look like them. There are many many articles and facts about the tremendous need for this and why this matters.

Simply put: reading changes lives. Our children of all colors and backgrounds need to read and see stories with characters of all colors and backgrounds.